Ian Taylor

Mountain King

Digital illustration

While studying human and animal anatomy I was inspired to explore anthopamorphism.
This piece was a study in lighting, texture and anatomy. The species I drew features from is the Ibex, a wild mountain goat know for it's impressive horns.

Da Vinci Still life

Graphite on paper.

A still life representing Leonardo Da Vinci.

The objects in the composition represent different facets of Leonardo: he was born in April, his sign was Aries, the ram. His study of art and anatomy is the skull. the compass is his engineering and inventive pursuits, and the object in the background is a hidden blade from the Assassin's Creed franchise in which he was featured, representing his continued influence and relevancy in pop culture.


MykoBot is a short story Cindy Ly.

Terrence L. Smith creates omnipotent robots named after his son, who was murdered in a case of police brutality and racial profiling. The robots are designed as white males to appear non threatening to police and respond to cases of violence, then hypnotize aggressors with sonic screams and delivers them to police, including officers themselves. After returning an officer, one MykoBot overhears city officials and the sherif discussing blatant plans for aggressively policing Terrence's hometown and gentrifying the neighborhood.

Pokemon Gijinka

Digital Illustration.

Gijinka is a style of fan art wherein non-human characters are reimagined as human. This was also an experiment in character design, texture and clothing. The two Pokemon featured are Vulpix and its evolved form, Ninetales. The pre-evolution is young, scrappy and playful. The evolved form is more powerful, elegant, with the power of an inferno, refined.

Twilight Princess

Digital Illustration

This was project centered on form combined with game culture. In this case, the subject is Zelda, of the Legend of Zelda franchise, from the 2006 game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The focus of this piece was exaggerating lighting effects and color of an otherwise dark and gritty environment.